About Us


Capax Infiniti Housing, Inc. is a tax-exempt, charitable organization dedicated to strengthening the communities we serve by providing permanent
supportive housing with supportive services to low-income families in Iowa. We are devoted to organizational accountability to the public we serve, and have made a concerted effort to operate efficiently, effectively, and ethically. CIH is honored to be listed on the Iowa Register of Accountability for Nonprofit Excellence.

Our organization is comprised of a group of diverse individuals, with over 15 years of combined experience in the nonprofit sector, who were compelled to “take action” to resolve the unmet housing needs of the most-at-risk individuals in our community. Our innovative collaborative approach to achieving housing stability for low-income persons, which addresses the “underlying issues of poverty” with an ultimate goal of placing our clients in a home as quickly as possible, led to the adoption of our Sheltering Hearts Housing Program, based on the Housing First Program

Mission Statement

The mission of Capax Infiniti Housing, Inc. is to enhance the quality of life for all low-income persons in Iowa by providing permanent affordable housing with customizable support programs.

Environmental Statement

We are committed to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social, which leads to social and economic improvements in the local community we serve.

Our Guiding Principles